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HeatHut™ being delivered....


HeatHut™ Features


•  Pellet boiler 10-50kW

•  7-10 tonne pellet store

•  Solar thermal panels

•  Thermal hot water store

•  Fully insulated and fire rated

•  Scalable for home or business

•  Locally fabricated classic design


...Green heating at an affordable price




The HeatHut™ comes in two different sizes:


For customers who require a boiler of up to 25kW the HeatHut™ is 4.8m long x 2.7m wide x 2.9m tall


For larger installations with a boiler of 25-50kW, a larger pellet store area is required so the length is increased to 6m.




For a HeatHut™ the same as our touring demo hut:


- a 15kW Solarfocus Octoplus pellet boiler,

- a Schellinger pellet mole,

 - 3 Solarfocus CPC solar panels, and

 - all fittings and ancillaries, in the

 - 4.8m long x 2.7m wide x 2.9m tall HeatHut


starts at £24,500 + VAT


As an example, this would suit most 3-bedroom houses.



HeatHut Internal View

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Inside the HeatHut™ there are two chambers - the first houses your boiler and thermal store, the second is a pellet store.  A pellet mole transports the pellets from the store by vacuum direct to the boiler...  The solar panels on the outside are also connected to the thermal store - so the boiler will only kick in to top up the energy from the sun.


There are a number of grants available,:


For domestic customers investigate the RHPP:



For commercial customers investigate the RHI:






Follow the link or click on the GreenEnergyNet logo to see more...


Have a tour of the HeatHut™ with Athol Duckett as  captured by GreenEnergyNet.com at All Energy 2011.